Six Word Story (107)

What does the word intimacy stir within you? For each of us it’s probably quite different, and yet the same, with flashes of moments spent with lovers or dreams of the ones we wish had wandered into our lives to stay but didn’t. But is that what intimacy really is?

I have learned it is only a small scratch on this word’s surface.

Intimacy needs have nothing to do with physical love or desire at all. True intimacy between life partners goes much deeper than alone sex could ever take you, and often the intimacy of friendship is much healthier.

It’s something every human soul longs for at our core.

Reaching for it makes us vulnerable.

Vulnerability is terrifying, but without it, true intimacy can never be achieved.

Have you experienced true intimacy? Are you still looking for it?

I would love to hear anything about your experiences and thoughts about it in the comments below. It’s a topic I think a lot about.

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3 thoughts on “Six Word Story (107)

  1. I have with my husband. We’ve always been best friends. It goes far beyond the physical and into serving and sacrificing for one another. I really believe this is one of those relationships God has blessed me with to truly understand His love for me.

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    • I would say it’s the same for me and my husband and it’s a huge blessing. I know many many married couples struggle with friendship in their relationship.

      I have also experienced it with one or two friendships at times. But it is something I find that is also fleeting and unless it’s maintained with hard work it’s very easy to lose.


      • Same. I wish they knew the freedom in having a friend as a spouse.

        Yeah, I have two friends in particular I meet with every other week who are like sisters to me. But it takes us all making the effort to stay connected as busy moms. But when you do, what a gift it is!

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