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Six Word Stories (28)

Have you ever noticed how beautiful a well made path is? It guides in one of the most unassuming ways. “Please walk here. Yes, you are free to step away, but the way has already been made ready for you.” The most beautiful paths enhance their surroundings, letting you explore without destroying. We use paths […]


No one saw me
head to the ground,
feet to the sky,
pretending to fly.
It would have made you cry

Lava Worm

Was it a shriek of delight or fear? She didn’t know as it forced its way from her chest to the cavity of her mouth. A little heart pounded the rhythm of it as it bubbled into an audible note.

“Stay back. You can’t catch me.”

The floor moved. The carpet rippling right before her eyes. Its colours swimming and shifted, a living thing.

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