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The Branch That I Am

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Poetry often resembles prayer. Both tell us of the beauty of creation; they seek answers to whys, hows, and shoulds. They are calls for justice and tears of pain, songs of love. They are records of daily life.

This collection of poems contains prayers, questions, and some answers. They record part of a journey. Faith is a journey that lasts a lifetime. It is ever growing, deepening, and widening. May all who read these poems find a safe place for questions, answers, and hope.

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Collaborative Works

The Best of Kindness 2020 Anthology

by: Origami Poems Project

This is a collection of poems written about Kindness from the Origami Poems Project’s summer 2020 poetry contest. Kindness, a quality that we all need to nurture, is revealed in 45 poems from poets world-wide. These poems are gently placed in 5 categories: Compassion, Constancy, Gratitude, Adversity, Our Silent Brethren (creatures), and Perspectives or Insight. Read and be inspired by poets from near & far. This is the OPP’s 3rd such collection. We are a non-profit publishing ‘microchaps’ of original poetry since 2009. – Description from Amazon

Mary’s poem ‘Sit’ is included in this collaborative collection.