Keep Lit

He didn’t say
we wouldn’t weep while we waited.
He didn’t say
feeding the lantern’s flame,
wouldn’t singe.
He didn’t promise,
finding oil would be easy.
Only “Be ready,”
and the Spirit will with you sit.

©2022 Mary Grace van der Kroef

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21 thoughts on “Keep Lit

  1. Hey Mary Grace… I know I’ve said this a million times already lol I’m just here to tell you I’m leaving. I was looking for someone who followed my old blog today and all I did was search for their name. I got a couple eye fulls of women… I struggled with porn for a terribly long time. This place has been hard on me because I feel uninteresting and I struggle socially. But after seeing all that, this place has become another source of something I’ve been avoiding for years now.

    I’m just telling you this because you’ve been pretty awesome. Maybe you deserve a goodbye lol. 🤪

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    • Okay. Well, I am sure glad you reached out to tell me. And you are absolutely doing the right thing if its bringing stuff like that up for you. I will miss reading you around. BUT you know where to find my blog it wont be going anywhere. My contact page is always open.

      Thank you John.

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      • It sucks… I’ve came across it before but today was like a hammering. I just put in a name and scrolled down and I was staring at “lady part”. I scrolled down to get it out of sight and I came across another post with more parts….

        You and a few others have been a core for me on here. And I stuck around here for y’all. But I don’t want this again. The jonsing started immediately and I just got off and stayed off. I got myself together and came back to tell y’all.

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      • It does suck. But it’s also okay. I am proud of you. Staying away from that is more important. Thank you for letting me know. I will keep you in my prayers when God brings you to my mind. And he will.

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