Release Day Thank you!

Saying thank you to everyone who has supported me by buying my book.

Today I have filled with gratitude for all of the people who have supported me on my writing journey so far. If you have purchased my book, make sure to let me know by emailing me a selfie of you and The Branch That I Am, or take a screen shot of your favorite poem’s title if you have the EBook. I will write and sign a postcard just for YOU! Make sure to add the address you wish me to send it to, to the email.


Or use social media to show me you have purchased the book.

Is there a poem you would like to see me read on video? Just ask and I will try to get that done for you.

I am holding a small give away over on my Facebook and Instagram Pages! If you would like to win a free EBook version of The Branch That I Am, make sure to check that out!

Mary Grace van der Kroef

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18 thoughts on “Release Day Thank you!

  1. Mary Grace… I have enjoyed your writing ever so much and I love your book. It is real, and testimony to tenacious faith. I have chronic illness. Your book rings very true. Blessings!

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