3 thoughts on “Push

  1. This makes me a tad sad. imo You’re never too large for the swing. It’s Okay to be the push but to soar yourself there’s nothing like it. xoxo

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  2. Is it sweet to soar yourself isn’t it. I guess I have come to a place emotionally that I am okay not fitting in to every swing anymore. No one ever really fits into every swing all the time. But no mater what stage of life, there is always some kind of swing to fly on. We just have to find it.

    Love it when my work sparks conversation and thought. Thanks!

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  3. It is good to spark conversation. I think any time writing can spark an emotion is brilliant. that’s why that short poem is so powerful. It not only says about the child but the power of parenting and our own growth whether physical or mental. well done.

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