Second Dance

Morning rush, drive fast.
A cyclone follows closely.
Golden leaves dance twice.

©2021 Mary Grace van der Kroef

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Reading ‘Black Well’

Reading ‘Black Well’ from The Branch That I Am.

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Winter Star/Art Highlight

Winter Star is an older piece I have pared with new words.

Winter Star

I knew these little painting was asking for something to go with it. It was telling a story. It needed words.

Two years it took me to find the ones that fit. I was stuck for a long time halfway through this short poem as well. They all tried to melt away as soon as they landed, but by some grace, I caught them.

I think this paring looks great on greeting cards.

Available on 80 different products at my Redbubble Art Shop.

Originally painted in acrylic paint on canvas paper. My favorite aspect of this painting is the light highlighting a warm fuzzy mitt. That mitt reminds me so much of the homemade pairs we used when I was a small child.

Mary Grace can der Kroef

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Be it desired.
Is it required?

Can it be comprehended?
Felt beneath the skin
Less experienced?

Does it demand participation?
Confrontation of facts?

Left raw
Or baked through life
Can it be digested and invested?

Or emotional
A pinch of both extremes
Too lend potency
To empathy

Two parted yet a whole

how understanding
Demands humility
While standing high and bold.

©2021 Mary Grace van der Kroef

(Stephen’s word)

For the Words of Weight project.


It creeps upon the leaf
Tinny furry creature
eat at peace

Then appears a second
A third
to crunch and munch
Soon a hoard of creepers
Making leaves contented lunch

Once a glowing beauty
of gilded filigree

Weaving wreathing nests
Across a naked frame
Living drips
Her ravaged beauty

Waiting through the darkness
of change
Until upon her skeleton
wings they all display

the bared darling
Don a gown of brown
with greying fur
Moths become her crown

©2021 Mary Grace van der Kroef

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