Painful Prayers

The words
I pray
See light of day

As they fall
My aching heart
Begins to grow

Scars to show
Loves tight seal

Truth revealed
Lessons profound

Prayers of pain
Foster belief

Lined with love
Gifts received
From up above

Painful prayers
You already know
All my extremes

©Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020

Updated Pages

I want to thank everyone who has been following me for the past three months. It’s been fun and encouraging to watch the subscription list grow.

The last two weeks, I have taken some extra time to organise all my poems and stories. I have separated them in to several new pages, making it easier for anyone interested to read more of what the blog has to offer. Are you new to the blog? Now you can easily go back and brows poems you may have missed. Have you been following me from day one, and just want to go back and remember a poem you enjoyed? Well, now you can.

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I never imagined the interest I would receive when I decided it was time to blog. My first post was June 30th. This last week we hit over a thousand views. I see that number as a brilliant start for my first 3 months.

Thank you, for your time, for your words, for your input, and your encouragement.

Don’t forget to check out my About page. Let me know what you read that you like, or encourages you. If you have any ideas on how now I could improve, I welcome your advice.

God bless.

Your Worth

Who you’re with is not your worth
nor is who you’ve lost
Your girth is not your total sum
nor what you make
nor what you become
The thing inside that is alive
whether you’re dead or not
That is the thing that is your worth
it can not be measured
or bought

©Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020

One Harvest Moon

Original drawing by Mary Grace van der Kroef.

It’s 5:30 am.

Mr. Moon is peering through my window.

Wearing his harvest glow like a luminous gem.

Pulling the clouds around himself like a soft collar.

Starting to dip beyond the trees top most branches.

Casting limbs and lingering leaves in to dark silhouette.

It’s 6 am.

The tinny child at my side sleeps.

October’s chill shielded by our shared blanket.

Mr. Moon, don’t wake her again.

It’s 6:30 am.

The sky is deepest navy blue.

Mr. Moon, your framing glow is dipping low.

It’s almost time to say goodnight.

My day starts with a sleepy blur.

I can almost hear a murmured purr.

“Goodnight little Mother.”

How can I be upset?

Dressed in his best, yet lonely.

It’s 6:45 am.

Navy turns to dusky blue.

I have almost lost his golden view.

His exit bringing frosty fog that creeps and crawls.

It’s 7 am.

Sky now misty purple.

How I wish he’d come again.

©Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020

Morning Love, The Mourning Dove

Original painting by Mary Grace van der Kroef.

Hear his whooing coo
Calling out for you
The safety of his perch
With earnestness his search
Colours softest hues
Browns, with pink and blues
He seeks his lady fair
Will she make a pair?

She chooses carefully
Softest brown her artistry
Weaves a bed of love
Soft as a velvet glove
To hold her clutch of two
Cover them from view
They sit together well
Despite the storms that swell

Together love as one
Until their brood has won
With milk their squabs they raise
Within their infant phase
When the seasons done
Goodbye to summer sun
Come again next spring
Together on the wing

© Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020

Light the Night

My candle shakes
My heart quakes
Yet my face is dry

Raise my flame into the sky
While darkness I defy

Though the flame
Wavers in shame
For I deserve no praise

Night is lit, a living blaze
Flickering hope I raise

Not from my hands
Not by my plans
But hope on wings of love

Lit my flame from up above
Made me now a part of

A beacon wall
That lights the call
Across horizons way

We beckon all to leave the fray
Help deep night to slay

©Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020

Gentle Friend

Come again, my gentle friend
From loneliness my heart defend
A moment sit and with me spend
To the present help me attend

Let me feel you gently blow
Refreshing air around me flow
No one else could ever know
The way your spirit helps me grow

I feel you in the quiet take
My hand and shoulder softly shake
Despite despair that makes me quake
In this moment, you know my stake

It is a privilege to commune
In the quiet my doubt you prune
Help me attend and be attune
For from life’s care I’m not immune

Come again forever friend
Into this quiet, come, descend
In this peace, you help to mend
A moment from self transcend

©Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020

Red-Winged Knight, Red-Winged Blackbird

He wears a cloak of night
Despite his elbows bright

They flash a vivid red
By them, love is led

She is demure in brown
Stripped is her gown

A mother through and through
To her clutch she’s true

Song of silver notes
In the air, it floats

Then of shrill intent
On defence, it’s bent

A knight in crimson ash
Not afraid to clash

His own he will protect
Demanding all respect

Red-Winged Bird in black
I’ll heed your swift attack

This marsh is where you’ve grown
Amid the reeds, you make a throne

©Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020

Water Painting

Original Photo by Mary Grace van der Kroef

The colours in her mind
by them, she’s not defined
vision unrefined
but still a mastermind

Look! The way she moves
painting through the groves
uncaring who approves
every step limits disproves

Just water on the ground
to her, colours abound
spreads it round and round
make believe so profound

Footprints in her wake
dreaming while awake
unafraid, never fake
as they fade, just more to make

When the fun is done
water drys in sun
tears? Not a one
for she’s the one who’s won

© Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020