Six Word Story (109)

Darkness can be oppressive.

A weight that drags, a fear that binds.

Darkness blinds us, but light in concentrated amounts shone in the middle of darkness can also blind us.

Illumination is deceptive, when it shows only a portion of the truth, not the whole story.

If you are trapped in a tunnel, following that light can be just as scary as walking deeper into the shadows. It can be even more painful.

So what do we do, when we are faced with such choices?

Stop, and look around, what does the light show you? What does it hide?

Literally and figuratively the time we take to gather information is so important. Then comes a moment of trust that a light has been placed where it is for a reason.

Sometimes it’s impossible to tell if that light is a light pointing the way to freedom, or warning us. I can’t promise you will make the right choice if you take stock before moving forward. I have been blinded in this way more than once in my life, but one thing I know… Moving forward is always better than sitting in my darkness to rot.

Have you ever had to face a blinding light or painful truth? Tell me about it.

Copyright © Mary Grace van der Kroef

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2 thoughts on “Six Word Story (109)

  1. True. Growth usually always comes after pain and stumbles, but some of those stumbles can be prevented by gathering all the details and information before rushing forward. I like this idea that light can be just as blinding as the dark. Being bipolar, when I’m in a state of mania, that light is just as blinding (if not more so) than the darkness of depression. You often prevent tunnel vision by seeking balance.

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