Six Word Story (91)

Do you wear your heart on your sleeves?

Are you an open book to family, friends, and even strangers?

Some might view this as a bad thing, but is it really?

An open and honest heart is a beautiful thing. It means there is natural trust flourishing inside. The gates are not closed. A guard and a lookout are always important things to place at an entrance, and it takes practice to get the balance of open and careful right. But someone who can trust, someone who can share… Their halls are filled with light and trust me, a warm welcome doesn’t mean there aren’t exciting mysteries to discover while getting to know them.

I have often been called an open book in the past, but I found myself losing that natural trust in the last few years.

Today my prayer is we would all learn to once again open our gates and trust.

©2022 Mary Grace van der Kroef

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