Indie Author Giveaway!

In honor of Indie Author Day, I’m proud to be a part of an amazing giveaway of over 30 clean & Christian indie books across all genres! Two lucky winners—one US and one international—will win a slew of signed books, ebooks, and book swag like stickers and bookmarks! Contemporary romance authors like Storm Shultz and Havelah McLat, fantasy authors like  M.C. Kennedy and Stefanie Lozinski, and nonfiction authors such as Karen Brough and Aminata Coote are giving away their sweet romances, epic fantasies, devotionals and journals, and more! Make sure to enter for a chance to win between November 1st and November 7th!

Indie Author Giveaway


The giveaway begins Nov. 1st at 12am EST and ends Nov. 7th 12pm EST.

Open to US and international entrants. Entrants under 18 will need parental permission to enter. There will be TWO winners—one inside the US and one outside. The intl. winner will receive digital prizes—no physical prizes will be included UNLESS the intl. winner resides in the same country as one or more of our intl. authors and they are willing to ship prizes.

The US winner must provide their shipping information and, if applicable, the intl. winner may have to as well.

The giveaway is hosted by Grace A. Johnson, but she is not responsible for any shipping issues or issues/concerns with the prizes except for the ones she offers personally. The giveaway is not affiliated with any of the platforms—i.e., Facebook, Instagram, TikTok—on which it may be shared, or with its internet host, Rafflecopter.

The winners will be announced on Grace’s social platforms (her blog, Facebook, and Instagram) and notified by her through their email.

All entrants are required to provide their email address to confirm their entry. Any other information (i.e., social media handles) is contingent upon which entry methods they choose. To enter, entrants may (1) subscribe to all the authors’ email newsletters, (2) share the giveaway on social media or with a friend, OR (3) follow one or more authors on their primary social media platform. Entrants may pick and choose which of these tasks to complete to qualify for entry.

If anyone has any questions, they are free to contact Grace through her website,

The Prizes!

Havelah McLat – A Forever Summer ebook 

Kristina Hall – Ebook copies of Midnight Will Come and Darkness Draws Near

Valerie Howard – ebook of winner’s choice

Vanessa Hall – ebook copy of Unknown (Grace Sufficient, #1) 

B.R. Goodwin – 2 ebooks in YA Christian fiction series, What Remains: What Remains in the Wilderness and What Remains When Flowers Fade

Karen Brough – Ebooks: Be Held By Him – Finding God When Life Knocks You Off Your Feet and Be Held By Him Companion Guidebook- Finding God When Life Knocks You Off Your Feet

Mary Grace van der Kroef – The Branch That I Am ebook and signed paperback (if the international winner is in Canada, possibly three original art stickers from my Redbubble art shop if the international winner is in Canada.)

Annah Conwell – signed paperback and bookmark

Brigitte Cromey – Paperback copy of nonmagical kingdom fantasy novel Star of Hope (ebook copy for international winner) and 2” vinyl sticker featuring the flag design from Star of Hope

Kellyn Roth – a paperback copy of The Dressmaker’s Secret and a related piece of jewelry

H. E. Reynolds – ebook copy of Death Comes to Greenwood

The Silver Hand/Noah Lynch – A signed copy of The Silver Hand (second book) and a signed 8 X 11 Print of a hand-drawn portrait of Wolfram from upcoming novel, Pale Phoenix (Digtal).

Nicole Lam – Ebook or physical book of On The Beat and a matching bookmark

Storm Shultz – signed copy of Meant to Bee and save the bees sticker for US winner and e-copy of Meant to Bee for international winner

Brianna Lynn Campbell – three short story ebooks (Shadows in my Hands, Lost in Control, and A Future of Lost Lullabies)

Drew Taylor – Signed copy of The Designated Friend/character sticker/bookmark (international: ebook version of The Designated Friend)

Julie Arduini – signed copy of Anchored Hearts

E. N. Chaffin – Free ebook of Avarice, Book Two in the Sin Series (Pryde, Book One is already free on Amazon, Google Books, and where ebooks are sold.)

Molly & Brad – If Only Christmas Would Come Paperback, 2 bookmarks and a sticker

Erica Richardson – 1 Paperback copy of Peregrine: a novella and 1 Digital copy of Peregrine: a novella

Lydia MacClaren – Ebook copy of novel, Seven Lives Saved

Britt Richards – Paperback copy of Pushing Through with a bookmark and art print postcard. 

Amber Lambda – ebook copy of Halos

T. L. Wynne –  A signed copy of Daddy and Me paperback book.  

Maegan M. Simpson – A signed paperback of Aderes in Karkhana, and possibly a bookmark and sticker 

M. C. Kennedy – A paperback copy of A Wolf’s Rose (YA Fantasy) and  hand-drawn scene from AWR 

Deidre Sequeira – Paperback of Isla Emerged and swag

Alexandria Miracola – A signed copy of upcoming novel, Penelope Grace and the Winter Carousel

Jill Beene – Physical copy of Mr. Pickwick’s Guide to Marriageable Young Ladies 

E. G. Bella – ebook of The Toymaker’s Doll

S. F. Brooke – An e-copy of Christian fiction/romance novel, The Strength in Rubble

Effie Joe Stock – Digital copies of book Child of the Dragon Prophecy and possibly Heir of Two Kingdoms

Ashton Dorow – Ebook copies of The Peasant Queen and The Love of a Princess

Stefanie Lozinkski – ebook copies of Magnify and Majesty

Aminata Coote – Draw Closer: a 52 week devotional journal for women 

R. M. Scheller – Ebook for Extension Squad Vol. 1 and physical merch bundle (character stickers, standees, bookmarks)

Sarah Rodecker – A signed paperback of my book, Escape from Mathebos, and a set of swag

Hannah Morgan – Our Next Chapter, with assorted little gifts like bookmarks, bookish stickers, tea bags

Lillian Keith – Ebook (PDF version) copy of Should We Tell Her? (for international winner) and a signed, physical copy of An Apprentice Escapes (plus a Lyla MC doll; made from wool, 4 ½ inches tall), for U.S Winner.

Jes Drew – A signed paperback  copy of At Summer’s End with stickers/ebook copy of At Summer’s End for international winner

Nicki Chapelway – An ebook of Snow White retelling Winter Cursed

Alyssa Casanova – Free PDF of book for international winners; free signed hardcover once released Bedtime for Spider a picture book for 2-4 year olds.

Alyssa Schwarz – Ebook copy of The Glass Road (the next installment in the Prescott Family Romance series), and a downloadable phone wallpaper. 

Abigail Kay Harris – A digital 8×10 print, digital ebook, and digital bookmark file for intl. winner; and print 8×10, bookmark, and sticker for US winner with ebook.

Emily Wright –  Ebook (PDF) copies of Trial of Strength, Trial by Fire, and Trial of Courage  

Erica Dansereau – Physical copy Come Forth as Gold

E. M. Chaffin – Signed copy of Newfangled Madness and stickers

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