My Journey With God/Believable Books

Early last week Ericka Clay from Believable Books reached out and asked if I would contribute a gest post for her website. I was honoured to be asked, and this morning the post has gone live. If you wish to read it, please visit Believable Books via This Link.

Check out the rest of the Believable book’s website as well, and the submissions page.

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4 thoughts on “My Journey With God/Believable Books

  1. I’d never heard of PCOS until a fellow blogger posted about her issues. Since then, I’ve heard many more women speak out about it.

    Acceptance, weight issues, I certainly understand. Even as a guy, I’ve been called fat, skinny and because of my extreme European blood, I don’t tan at all… so I’ve been called out for my whiteness before lol..

    One thing about all this, I’ve never fit in and never found a place in this world. And I’ve felt the Lord explain to me that I don’t. My niche, my place and everything about me are all in Him. I’m just a sojourner and this is not my home.

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