Reservoir of Tears/Kitchen Sink Magazine Issue 2

Kitchen Sink Magazine is a free to download, online literary magazine. They released their second issue at the beginning of this week.

My poem “Reservoir of Tears”, was included in this latest edition. I encourage everyone to follow the link provided to read this free edition. They have included a great variety of pieces by poets and writers of many experience levels and backgrounds.

Thank you Kitchen Sink Magazine for including me. It’s always exciting to see my words alongside those of other writers.

©Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020

Six Word Stories (5)

Sometimes a soul just needs to be quiet, alone with self.

Alone without the noise of the world blaring in ones ears, maybe that soul can understand itself.

Why is self sometimes one of the most difficult things to understand?

Sometimes you have to find peace with not filling understanding. Take a break from looking inward and breath out.

I see the hand of God in the nature around me.

I can hear him, in the drops of water from an icicle. When I hear him, I thank him.

©Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020

Creativity and its Glitter Power

Have you ever used glitter to make a thank you, or holiday card? If you have, you know those tiny flakes of plastic get everywhere. Not only do they get everywhere, but stay there for a long time, spreading from person to person. I believe the power of creativity is the same.

When you give in to the need to throw glitter around, it touches people. Its healing, freeing, grounding affects linger like that spot of glitter that clings to your cheek.

“Oh, look!” A friend will chuckle as they reach out to flick the spot away. Except instead of disappearing, that fleck sticks to them and goes for a hike.

The power of that flake can travel from fingertip, to arm, to another unknowing face. That glint, that sparkle, flashing at every move of their head. Then the next person asks, “have you been playing with glitter?” That question is often accompanied by a smirk, laugh, or smile.

I have tried washing glitter from my hands with a generous amount of soap and water, only to find that still somehow some of it remains.

The difference between glitter and creativity is even though they both stick, creativity is never something we need to wash away. Even if we have to wash the residue of glitter, or paint, or even flour dust from our hands, it doesn’t wash that creativity from our hearts or souls. The more you use it, the father it spreads.

As we enter the month of December, my prayer is that we all light up our homes with the joy of creativity.

My Christmas tree is naked this year. The ornaments we had planned to bring along in our move from Northern Ontario to Southern Ontario, didn’t make the trip. So, we will get glitter out and sprinkling it on paper, clay and anything else we can find. In doing so, I hope to make memories we won’t forget, grow family love, and remember the person where all creativity originated.

God, you are good. Thank you.

©Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020

Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash