Enthroned on Stone

photo sourced from unsplash.com

On a hill
not far away.
There stands a stone
all shades of grey.
And on that stone,
one fateful day.
She sat to rest
from work and play.

There she sits
still to this day.
Covered in moss
a sad display.
She sat to long
emotions affray.
And decided to let
them all dance away.

As they danced,
across the way.
She never knew
the price she’d pay.
And as they passed,
to our dismay.
She changed to match
the stones dark grey.

Cold as ice
despite the day.
Still as stone
that won’t decay.
Only erode
as time will play.
Around her thrown
the grasses sway.

©Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020

Floating Silhouette

Original painting by Mary Grace van der Kroef.

Silhouette upon the waves,
floating over unknown graves.

Ever on towards the light,
yet ever shrouded in the night.

Hear the sound as ripples pass
as the wind propels its mass.

There the ship of constant dreams
journeys on through all extremes.

No port to find, no home to hail.
Forever doomed to onward sail.

Glimpse the Captain where he stands,
points ahead with outstretched hands.

Dreams aglow within his face,
of loneliness there is no trace.

A hero or a madman? Both.
Holding on to dreamers oath.

Passing towns and shipping lanes.
Care for them? None remains.

Busy chasing swirling thoughts,
lost in future plans and plots.

If only he would look this way,
see my wave, remember day.

But ever focused on he goes.
When will he end? No one knows.

© Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020