Give Thanks, World Mental Health Day

Thank you for the food I eat

Even though I can’t taste it

Thank you for the warmth of home

Even though I’m still chill

Thank you for my loved ones

Even though my heart is lonely

Thank you for the laughter

Even though I don’t join in

Thank you for each breath

Despite this heavy chest

I know I’m only breathing

Because I have life left

So, I am still thankful

I chose to hold that tight

Because each beat, each blink

Is a gift and helps me fight

– Give Thanks

©Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020

Your Worth

Who you’re with is not your worth
nor is who you’ve lost
Your girth is not your total sum
nor what you make
nor what you become
The thing inside that is alive
whether you’re dead or not
That is the thing that is your worth
it can not be measured
or bought

©Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020

Light the Night

My candle shakes
My heart quakes
Yet my face is dry

Raise my flame into the sky
While darkness I defy

Though the flame
Wavers in shame
For I deserve no praise

Night is lit, a living blaze
Flickering hope I raise

Not from my hands
Not by my plans
But hope on wings of love

Lit my flame from up above
Made me now a part of

A beacon wall
That lights the call
Across horizons way

We beckon all to leave the fray
Help deep night to slay

©Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020


It’s the rhythm
It’s the rhyme
It’s the flow within a line
It’s the music
It’s the muse
It’s the meanings you will use
It’s the vision
It’s the dream
It’s the purpose of the thing
And it’s all within your heart
And it’s YOU, doing your part
It’s art

©Mary Grace van der Kroef 2020