Poems of Faith

A list of poetry currently live on the blog.

Soul Scroll

In sleepless nights
Your voice I hear
A gentle whisper
By my ear

You speak of love
You speak of peace
Of vision found
And fears that cease… continued ->

Hope Like Cold Furry

She took my anger
And flew away
So now, I can finally pray… continued ->

Sacred Kiss

Your love is like a sacred kiss
But never does it bring me bliss

Its mark is burned into my soul
Smoulders there as living coal… continued ->

Falling Angel

Falling from the sky

Unsure the reason why… continued ->

A Prayer

Presents of mind
A single moment, defined
With heaven aligned
A prayer… continued ->

Shimmering Soul

Quivering shakes
Trembling wakes
It’s a soul that breaks

Unseen hands
Wrap like bands
Sheltering strands
Hold in commands… continued ->

Gentle Friend

Come again, my gentle friend
From loneliness my heart defend
A moment sit and with me spend
To the present help me attend… continued->

Light the Night

My candle shakes
My heart quakes
Yet my face is dry

Raise my flame into the sky
While darkness I defy… continued ->