Poems of Faith

A list of poetry currently live on the blog.

Soul Scroll

In sleepless nights
Your voice I hear
A gentle whisper
By my ear

You speak of love
You speak of peace
Of vision found
And fears that cease… continued ->

Hope Like Cold Furry

She took my anger
And flew away
So now, I can finally pray… continued ->

Sacred Kiss

Your love is like a sacred kiss
But never does it bring me bliss

Its mark is burned into my soul
Smoulders there as living coal… continued ->

Falling Angel

Falling from the sky

Unsure the reason why… continued ->

A Prayer

Presents of mind
A single moment, defined
With heaven aligned
A prayer… continued ->

Shimmering Soul

Quivering shakes
Trembling wakes
It’s a soul that breaks

Unseen hands
Wrap like bands
Sheltering strands
Hold in commands… continued ->

Gentle Friend

Come again, my gentle friend
From loneliness my heart defend
A moment sit and with me spend
To the present help me attend… continued->

Light the Night

My candle shakes
My heart quakes
Yet my face is dry

Raise my flame into the sky
While darkness I defy… continued ->

Painful Prayers

The words
I pray
See light of day

As they fall
My aching heart
Begins to grow… continued -> Includes spoken word recording.

The Painter Reigns

God, do you paint the day?
Splash the colours for our play?
What about the bluest Jay?
Did you smile on his making day?

God, do you paint the light?
Bounce it off the moon just right?
Give us shadows, darker night?
Fireflies to ease our fright? … continued -> Includes spoken word recording.

The Body, Mind, and Soul

“I’m tired,” said the Body,
to its brother, Mind.
“The pain within this shell
leaves me so confined.”

“I’m tired,” said the Mind,
to its sister Soul.
“The heaviness I feel
threatens my control.” … continued -> Includes spoken word recording.

Unbelieving Prayer

Stand on the threshold
the confessional of prayer.
Standing never kneeling
unbelief hangs in the air.

Say words despite feeling
no one is really there.
Recite the memorized
without feeling, love or care… continued ->

He Keeps Me

I asked the Lord to keep me brave
Hold my chin above the wave

Lend me strength to tread the line
Close my mouth to deadly brine

Whether rescue comes for me
Or in death, I am set free

I asked the Lord to keep me brave
As I swim above the grave … continued -> Includes spoken word recording.

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