Poems of Thought


I hate waiting

It’s not a joke

It feels like dying

Wreathed in smoke

I hate waiting

Inspirations death

Loss of momentum

Steals my breath… continued ->

I Left Them

I left them all to die
Before the sun was high
I did not say goodbye
As I left them all to die

I left them all to die
No tear came from my eye
I let my joy then fly
As I left them all to die… continued ->


It’s the rhythm
It’s the rhyme
It’s the flow within a line… continued ->

Words That Stick

Toxic waste
blackened paste
words that stick
hearts defaced

By sludge abused
forever bruised
beneath the crusting
phrases used… continued ->

Your Worth

Who you’re with is not your worth
nor is who you’ve lost
Your girth is not your total sum
nor what you make
nor what you become… continued ->

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