Poems of Nature

A list of poems currently live on the blog.

Mountain Glory

The glory of a mountain peak

Is like a friend who doesn’t speak… continued ->

Natures War

Street lights cast
A shimmering glow
As sheets of rain pass
Row on row… continued ->

Stone Murals

Sharp edges
Multicoloured pores
Showing off scars
Human endeavours… continued ->

Rock Sentinel

Gocking eyes
read your lines
In drive by waves
from metal mines… continued ->

Raptor King

Feathered glory
talons tight
wingspan stretched
ready for flight

A power house
the Raptor King
awe inspired
words you bring… continued ->

Hummingbird of Green

Do you hear the hum?
Do you see them come?
Darting here and there
Flitting everywhere

Figure eight in flight
Flashing feathers, bright
Tantalizing hover
Then darting off for cover… continued ->

Red-Winged Knight

He wears a cloak of night
Despite his elbows bright

They flash a vivid red
By them, love is led… continued ->

Morning Love

Hear his whooing coo
Calling out for you
The safety of his perch
With earnestness his search
Colours softest hues
Browns, with pink and blues
He seeks his lady fair
Will she make a pair?… continued ->

One Harvest Moon

Mr. Moon is peering through my window.

Wearing his harvest glow like a luminous gem.

Pulling the clouds around himself like a soft collar… continued ->

Autumn’s Song

Listen to the crowning leaves
Their glory days proceed with ease,
The wind gives to them a voice.
They shout, with shaking leaves, rejoice.
First time snow has run away
Autumn has another day. … continued -> Includes spoken word recording.

Autumn Overtaking

Starting with the crowning leaves
it trickles down with slow intent
until all burn with crimson glow
a constant wave, hours, days old

Watch the tree be kissed by fire
red, yellows, lingering greens
ombre waves, a colour tide
how long until it all consumes? … continued –> Includes a spoken word recording.

Morning Snow

It may be dark inside,
but without it’s strangely light.
As the world lay sleeping,
nature donned a blanket, white

Though the sky is thick,
with heavy clouds of gray.
The early morning darkness,
is lightened by winter’s play… continued -> Includes a spoken word recording.

First Snow Haiku

Come to me, Winter.
Welcome to your birthing day.
Now comes earnest play … continued ->

King of Blue

In the early morning gray,
I see you.
In the trees that shed their leaves,
I see you.
King of birds of blue.

You’re a brightness in the morn,
clouds are filling up with scorn.
As bits of white fall,
you’re the brightest blink of all… continued ->

December Night

Mantle of lights above my head
fixed on a map of midnight blue
shining silver blue and red
so close, yet eons over head.

They only wink with my own blink
a steady stream of glistening
shinning bright, yet light, I see
is all ancient history… continued ->

Christmas Crystals

With dampness in the air they cling
to just about everything… continued ->

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