Poems of Family

A list of poems live on the blog.

Sweet Little Toes

Little toes, ten in a row
Through fraying cloth, they peek
A wriggle, a giggle, off they go!
To dash and then to sneak… continued ->

Dirty Floor

Dirt upon my floor
I know it as much more

Within the scattered mess
Hidden proof I’m blessed… continued ->

Rainy Day

She found a Rainy Day
With it, had her way
Added to her play
Then carefully tucked away… continued ->


Raw, unhindered,
Rising from the soul… continued ->

Water Sport

Water splashes up with joy
Bottoms down in playful ploy
A splash is meant as a decoy
The failing grin just makes her coy… continued ->

Water Painting

The colours in her mind
by them, she’s not defined
vision unrefined
but still a mastermind

Look! The way she moves
painting through the groves
uncaring who approves
every step limits disproves… continued ->

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