Poems of Family

A list of poems live on the blog.

Sweet Little Toes

Little toes, ten in a row
Through fraying cloth, they peek
A wriggle, a giggle, off they go!
To dash and then to sneak… continued ->

Dirty Floor

Dirt upon my floor
I know it as much more

Within the scattered mess
Hidden proof I’m blessed… continued ->

Rainy Day

She found a Rainy Day
With it, had her way
Added to her play
Then carefully tucked away… continued ->


Raw, unhindered,
Rising from the soul… continued ->

Water Sport

Water splashes up with joy
Bottoms down in playful ploy
A splash is meant as a decoy
The failing grin just makes her coy… continued ->

Water Painting

The colours in her mind
by them, she’s not defined
vision unrefined
but still a mastermind

Look! The way she moves
painting through the groves
uncaring who approves
every step limits disproves… continued ->


When you long

When your strong

Though you’ve lost

Know the cost… continued ->


Too large for the swing? continued ->


This is how I fly… continued ->

Mud Monster

Jay was Lord.
Nea was Queen.
Over the bank of
Mud River they leaned.

Nea had her staff
Jay had his bow
but little May cried,
“I don’t want to go!”

She sat in the grass
jeans stained green
thinking her brother
and sister QUITE mean… continued ->

First Snow

Heavy snow falling,
childish exuberance shines,
beneath the gray sky… continued ->

Remembering Grandpa

Remembering the smell of you
Sawdust, rich and fine

Remembering the touch of you
Prickly whisker hugs at night… continued ->

Christmas Orange Collection

Sent permeates air
citrus juices flow and squirt
orange is happiness… continued ->

Bubble Hunting

A sheet of ice that spans the street, black like darkest slate.
From underneath water seeps, through clogged and rusting grate… continued ->

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