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Our Forest on an Artist’s Conk/Hencroft Hub

I am happy to announce the publication of my first short story. Our Forest on an Artist’s Conk has been accepted and published in Hencroft Hub‘s first Issue. The theme of ISSUE ONE is FUNGUS. I took inspiration from the large tree mushrooms my sister harvested from the forest around her home, to use in […]

Six Word Stories (20)

The presence of light has such power. It can illuminate or bind us. Darkness shreds in the presence of even a single flame. It sets a mood and tells a story. It’s an element that shouts volumes, with just a whispered presence. Light is energy. Without it, growth is impossible. Nature has a way of […]


Found in simple spaceswhen lights have dimmed to easeweariness of day from shoulders prone. In the morning beamswhere radiance singsreserving stage for feathered accompaniment notes. Shimmers in the shadowslike the fuzziness of heat,but greats in bells that chime with chirping mirth. Often hid amidwide open spaceblending with a magic you can not trace. Given to […]

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