The Branch That I Am

The Branch That I Am is Mary’s first poetry collection. It features 26 poems and her personal Christian Testimony.

The Branch That I Am

Table of Content
1. A Prayer 9
2. Re-Animate 11
3. Soul Scroll 16
4. How? 18
5. Sacred 21
6. Throwing Stones 23
7. The Day I Prayed to Die 26
8. Threshold 31
9. Black Well 33
10. Prayer Field 38
11. Raining 41
12. Restoration 44
13. Empty Footsteps 47
14. Gentle Friend 49
15. Painful Prayers 51
16. Inhale 53
17. Plea 54
18. The Branch 55
19. He Keeps Me 67
20. Chord of Prayer 69
21. Light the Night 73
22. Rooted Deep 75
23. What My Body Said 80
24. Glory Display 84
25. The Painter Reigns 85
26. Shimmering 87
My Journey With God (A Christian Testimony) 90

In 2019, Mary felt prompted to share her poetry with the wider world. This led her to seek a poetry editor to help update some of her older pieces. She met Dagmar Morgan, author, poet, and speaker, through the Word Guild. Working together is what made The Branch That I Am possible.

“I needed someone to help me grow in my style, and Dagmar was my answer to prayer.”

– Mary Grace van der Kroef –

Because of the personal nature of this first book, Mary chose self publication as it gave her full control of content. Her prayer is that her transparency about metal and physical illness, as well as her faith walk blesses and encourages others who struggle in similar ways.

Paperback Back Blurb
Poetry often resembles prayer. Both tell us of the beauty of creation; they seek answers to whys, hows, and shoulds. They are calls for justice and tears of pain, songs of love. They are records of daily life.

This collection of poems contains prayers, questions, and some answers. They record part of a journey. Faith is a journey that lasts a lifetime. It is ever growing, deepening, and widening. May all who read these poems find a safe place for questions, answers, and hope.

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