Be it desired.
Is it required?

Can it be comprehended?
Felt beneath the skin
Less experienced?

Does it demand participation?
Confrontation of facts?

Left raw
Or baked through life
Can it be digested and invested?

Or emotional
A pinch of both extremes
Too lend potency
To empathy

Two parted yet a whole

how understanding
Demands humility
While standing high and bold.

©2021 Mary Grace van der Kroef

(Stephen’s word)

For the Words of Weight project.

24 thoughts on “Understanding

      • I think you know I’m a sucker for a love poem… insecure, excited, a ton of emotions. What will arise from the chaotic cloud brewing? True love? Or a storm to weather out until the next?

        Excellent writing!

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      • It’s really interesting that you see it in the context of romance. (I guess the picture I chose hints at that.) It definetly can be read that way. I also see it in the context of general relationships, and understanding of fellow man. But, in a way relationship itself is a romance of self and other. How do we join that? Logic and empathy come together.

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      • Or I could be completely wrong lol.

        I’m just different. With the exception for a few of my own poems, for some reason love, romance, etc was always the main topic. I don’t know why. I don’t think I’m a lovey romantic person. But I’ve wrote a ton about it and it’s how I seem to interpret most poetry.

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      • It seems I’m drawn in a fairly lovey sensual direction. Which isn’t bad. But awkward to share. And the interesting and awkward ways others receive it 🤦‍♂️

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      • What do you mean by that? 😝

        It is awkward.. especially when all the readers are female and some seem to “really” like it…. 😳

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      • Natural. Women are generally drawn to the emotional side of romantic poetry. Normal. It fills a desire inside of us that most husbands and boyfriends aren’t naturally gifted in. “Verbalizing passion.”

        I can see how it might be uncomfortable to have a large female audience drawn to you though. Married men wouldn’t be comfortable with that. You just need to make sure you are secure in WHO you are writing it for. Yourself and your wife, or memories.of the past.

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      • I’m weird enough. Putting up with others weirdness is much harder. I think some readers liked more than my poetry. It felt weird… one confronted me because of the pictures I posted with the poetry. Like in particular a picture of a woman in pantyhose laying on a couch. It showed nothing… fit the poem. But she said it triggered feelings of her ex husband who viewed pornography. I definitely didn’t want unhealthy stuff in my blogs so I removed everything that could seem offensive. She never liked nor commented on anything and eventually unfollowed both blogs.

        I really think I’m done with posting poetry. After 4 or 5 poetry blogs, can’t get over 20 followers on any of them, the weirdness and the inevitable feelings of awkwardness for myself, I’m done. I’ll just support the writers I like.

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      • I want to post everything I’ve ever written. But at the same time, should I? Is it anyone’s business? What good would it do? Same old crash and burn?

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      • That is a hard one. A book might be a better idea. Easier to target an audiance and be honest about it’s content. But I think you need to stop focusing on numbers and followers, and on WHAT you are writing more. Alot of followers is fun, but it should be number one focus. Part of figure out WHY you write. Not easy and it changes with time

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      • I write because the words come to me. Whatever they might be. Then I’d post them. Then it’d seem like very few liked it from a very small reading base. Which leads me to believe a book would be a big waste.

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      • I have an unfinished poetry book in Amazon since I think 2018 lol. I’ve forgotten the password and everything.

        I really feel like my poetry days are over. I’ll keep writing as things come. But they aren’t going anywhere.

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      • No. It’s just more difficult to have a conversation over text comments. It lacks the human interaction element to conversation you need for context sometimes. As well as I am mildly dyslexic, so it’s not as easy. Or… I have kids running around screaming.

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