Ink Spots

bravery in pen work
truth of staining spots
tell the story of a heart
stocked by fear
but still uncaught

every stoke
a slash at past
seeks to sever
that grasp

the only sword that has a choice
to further peace
through language voiced

still leaving stains
on those who wield
the heavy tool in open field

not blood
but ink is what it weeps
into fingerprints
it seeps

to name this sword a friend
knowing well it will offend
yet again

and mark the poet at its end

©2021 Mary Grace van der Kroef

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15 thoughts on “Ink Spots

      • Have I told you that you’re one of my favorite poets? You have a way that is very simplistic yet complex. Everything is so clean and easily understandable. You’re an artist both in paint and word. 🙂

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      • Got to remember that most writers/artists feel that way about there work compared to someone elses. It’s not true. You don’t write dribble.

        Your content and form are just different. That’s good. ❤

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      • Yes ma’am. 🙂

        It’s just frustrating for me because I rarely get any feedback on it. I’d rather people say something than hit like.

        There’s stuff I’d kind of like to post but I’m unsure because… people are weird..

        My poetry is a lot like me. Only very distinct few understand and like me. Then there’s those who turn and run lol!! I never really know what to put out because I never know people’s reactions. Some stuff is odd, some sensual, some political… not that I care what people think. I just want connection and enjoyment.

        And I’m sorry. This isn’t about me. This is your blog and your awesome post!

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      • Don’t be silly. This is exactly what the comment section is for.

        If you’re unsure how people will react, it means your trying to reach the wrong audience. Poet’s are weird human beings. We are like, the ones who invented weird. Poetry us very nitch form of literature. Weather it’s good or not, is subjective. You like my work. Someone else will find it childish, and boring.

        To be blunt, most button up Christian’s are not going to read it, and they won’t read sentual anything. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put it out there. Dose it follow the lines of Philippians 4:8? Then share it. If people run away, they are not the people it’s ment for. (Mommy rant over.🙃)

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      • Phillipians 4:8… I would have to say that’s all in how you approach it… though I hope my readers understand it’s between a man and his wife, I hope they don’t assume I’m writing smut.

        Ok…. I’m a very passionate guy. And for some reason love, romance, desire are what pours out of me when I write, usually. I don’t really know where it all comes from but it does. If anything, I want people to know that love, romance and desire still exists in its purest form.

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      • Song of Solomon my dear. In my opinion we need more people highlighting what marriage is and can be, instead of glorifying messing around. If you are afraid of people thinking that is what you are glorifying, then tell them what you are uplifting.

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      • It’s is! But it’s hard… so much I’d like to share but…. I’m shy lol!!

        I’m thinking of adding scripture. 👍

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