Author’s Interview/BY Kirsten McNeill

I was recently the subject of my first author’s interview with Kirsten McNeill. Kirsten is a fellow writer, as well as an editor for self-published authors. It was a great experience. You can read the interview by following the link provided. Don’t forget to check out Kirsten’s other posts, and all she has to offer the self-publishing world.

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9 thoughts on “Author’s Interview/BY Kirsten McNeill

  1. I have been following him since I was 14. I am aware of what he stands for right now. Doesn’t change the impact he had on me as a teen. He still calls himself a follower of Jesus Christ. Everyone’s faith changes as they age and add expirience to there days. No one is right 100% of the time either.

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    • I understand. I just don’t think a “universal Christ” is biblical. It just brings to mind many scriptures where the Bible tells us to be cautious. There is a way that seems right to a person. But they end in death.

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      • Yes. I would agree with you there. I am not a follower of that philosophy. Above all I believe in pursuing truth, and being teachable. Modern Christian’s in general are not usualy know for being teachable. But there is always the flip side were there are some people who are to liberal with the things they bring in to there faith. All in all, none of it is new. We have been dealing with different versions of thought since the formation of the church. It’s part of growth. I fear a stagnant faith way more. Luckwarm. Comfortable.

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      • I’ve learned to hold everything up to the Light. If we truly want to know something, take it to Him in prayer and be waiting and listening. And have patience!

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