Inhale Prayer

Fragile breath
a prayer tonight.

Shallow fighting for life.

Colorless gas,
absent of mass.

Until compressed inside vessels of glass.

Fragile vessels that never last.

Breathing in prayer.
Forcing out air.

Living worship,
existing praise,
humbled awe in gasps are raised.

All fragile breath,
never owned.

Revitalizing flesh and bone.
A gift,
on loan.

Incense sweet before the Throne.
Breaths are prayers,
all on their own.

©2021 Mary Grace van der Kroef

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9 thoughts on “Inhale Prayer

  1. “Breaths are prayers, all on their own.”
    A beautiful line I’m going to think on over and over. It makes me think about the verses that say the Holy Spirit knows what to pray for us when we can’t thunk of the words.

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    • Creation testifies to the glory of God. In him we live and move and have our being…

      I see our very existence as a testament to the Creator. I see each breath as praise and prayer. Even when we don’t realise it. Even when we don’t care.

      Yes, he gives us words when we have none. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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