Morning Snow

Original photo by Mary Grace van der Kroef

It may be dark inside,
but without it’s strangely light.
As the world lay sleeping,
nature donned a blanket, white

Though the sky is thick,
with heavy clouds of gray.
The early morning darkness,
is lightened by winter’s play.

I sit in my dark room,
watch the lights return.
Black to gray, with blue and white.
the seasons complete a turn.

Off in the distance,
past trees and lake, there’s more.
Under clouds horizon peaks
a glimmer over the far shore.

It was white and bright but brief,
as if the sun is shy.
It’s been a while since winter played
beneath a sun-filled sky.

So she’ll stay behind her clouds,
soften down her light.
This first encounters not the time,
she’ll savour her delight.

©Mary Grace van der Kroef 2019

14 thoughts on “Morning Snow

  1. Love your poem ‘Morning Snow’. Listening to you on audio really made it come alive. Well written and well expressed. Keep up the great writing!

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      • well….you’re very good at it. I play a little bit with it but never seem to actually “get” there…do you know what I mean. What is your best advice to someone…me (lol)…who want to write poetry?

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      • Oof. I have never been asked to give writing advice before. Thank you for honoring me in that way.

        I think one of the most important things for anyone wanting to write poetry is, honesty. Poetry is all about emotion. It’s often thought of as flowering words. This can be true, but as with all writing, to many words can muddle the meaning.

        Start with simple words that spark feeling inside of you. A single moment you want to capture, or a single idea. A snap shot in words.

        Read books about poetry. Read many different styles. What word patern makes sence to you the most? Start there. Write ALOT. I know you already do Faye.

        I use my phone and take notes of the words running around in my head that might work well together, as I go about my day. If a word sparks an emotion or calms a hurt. I make note of it.

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      • Wow…that’s powerful stuff. Thanks. I do keep a note pad with me at all times. I think I fall down not in the honesty part but in the vulnerable part. I really like the idea of being sparked by a specific word though. I’m going to chew on that. I do write a lot but I don’t play enough with poetry. I so admire those who can write it. For me my brain gets in the way….too much thinking…like you said…too many words…that’s me. lol. I think I need to listen with different ears. I’m going to try. Thanks Mary Grace–we all learn from each other, right?

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      • thanks MaryGrace. I’m going to work on this. I do it really well as I’m laying in bed letting my brain go…sometimes I catch ’em and write ’em down but then they sound contrived. It’s def a work in progress. Thanks for your help. I think it’ll make a big difference. ox

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  2. This! Is! Awesome!!

    That should be published! And your voice does it all the justice in the world!

    In other words, well done! Praise God!

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