Updated Pages

I want to thank everyone who has been following me for the past three months. It’s been fun and encouraging to watch the subscription list grow.

The last two weeks, I have taken some extra time to organise all my poems and stories. I have separated them in to several new pages, making it easier for anyone interested to read more of what the blog has to offer. Are you new to the blog? Now you can easily go back and brows poems you may have missed. Have you been following me from day one, and just want to go back and remember a poem you enjoyed? Well, now you can.

Poems of Faith

Poems of Nature

Poems of Love

Poems of Family

Poems of Thought

Stories of More

I never imagined the interest I would receive when I decided it was time to blog. My first post was June 30th. This last week we hit over a thousand views. I see that number as a brilliant start for my first 3 months.

Thank you, for your time, for your words, for your input, and your encouragement.

Don’t forget to check out my About page. Let me know what you read that you like, or encourages you. If you have any ideas on how now I could improve, I welcome your advice.

God bless.

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